Flexible Scheduling for your convenience
Available days and evenings,

as well as holidays and weekends


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We Play and Play 

​         while you're away:


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Specialized Care

-Feed your pet their specialty diet
-Administer medicines of all kinds (oral, shots,        etc)
-Give therapeutic massages
-Experienced with exotic pets
-Skilled in care of handicapped pets
-Brushing and combing of your pets' coats
-We also do some basic behavioral training, 
-Offer support to grieving pets and get them back
   to their normal state.
-Meditation with your animals​​ to help them relax    

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Our Services:

​     The Care of  YOUR  pets is our top priority:

​​​If you are looking for the BEST pet care services in the area, you have come to the right place! We strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Once you have signed on as our client we are committed to serving you any way we can, during those family emergencies, surgery, TDY, selling your home, or even after you have moved and are wanting help finding a new service at your new location. See testimonials    

A written diary entry is made of each visit
We text you with our first and our last visit. You text or call us when you get home, so your babies are properly taken care of:  no miscommunication!

Bring in your mail and newspaper
Take your trashcan to the curb on trash-day, and return it after its been            picked up

Perimeter check of house and fence
Rotate lights in your home and open/close curtains/blinds to give your home      that "lived in" look
Water your indoor plants

Water your outdoor plants (within reason - if a large number of plants, an            extra charge may be added)

Your home is kept clean while we take care of your pet:
Vacuum and sweep before you come home
You'll have peace-of-mind, knowing you come home to happy pets and your       house the way you left it.

-Your time is important to us - so, of course, we'll accommodate your schedule.

Service Area
We currently service the following Wiregrass areas: Daleville, Level Plains, Clayhatchee, Enterprise, Ozark, Newton, Wicksburg, and  NW Dothan Areas in Alabama.  Please contact us to verify locations within the Service Area. Additional charges for locations outside Service Area may be assessed at the initial interview.

Further Benefits:

​​​What to Expect with Each Visit​

No worries while you're away - we maintain their routine:

-feed and water your pets,

-Bowls are washed after each meal
-Fresh water daily or more often, if needed

-Feeding areas kept clean

Individualized care, curtailed to your pets' wants or needs

Take the dogs outside (loose or leashed, as directed by you)

​   dogs are NEVER left unattended  
Cat litter scooped each visit and changed when needed

 Clean any cages, or messes your pets make while in our care 

Your pets will be loved, played with, and safe

Lots of love and attention

Playtime is based on their ability (soft, medium, or full-tilt)

We do a health check with each visit, and leave any issues

    in our diary notes

We can do 1-3 visits per day while you're away, or 

    just once a day while you are at work to

    visit, play with, exercise your pet  ("play dates")

Jeanne is still looking for a nice donkey to petsit.  Anyone out there with a donkey looking for a critter sitter?  ... please let us know. 

On average our service is $15-30 each visit for regular pet sitting, pricing is based on distance to drive and the time-intensiveness of care for your pet.  An extra $10.00 per visit for actual holidays

Key pick up and drop off, if required, is $10.00.  This charge does not apply if a key is provided during the preparation visit, or if the key is held for future visits.  You might consider becoming a " latch-key-client", where we'll keep your house key, and/or security code on file ~also very handy for those "short notice" trips - then all you have to do is call us when you want to leave.



We may not be able to answer your call directly as we may be with a client or on the road.   Please leave your name, number, approximate location, and number/type of pets. We do our very best to reply within 24-48 hrs.
There can be failures in phone and internet service. If your call, text, or email is not confirmed within one (1-2) days, please try again.


Play dates:
Worried about your dog getting enough exercise? Long work hours, or just had surgery and need someone to let the dog go out?  Just got a new puppy and need to get on a consistent potty routine?!  We can help! Come home to a contented, happy pet.

Any Questions?  Call us at (334) 598-6776, call or text (334) 477-7185, or contact us:

​Our goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible while you are gone.


​​Your Quality In-Home Pet sitting service



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Call Us  anytime

(334) 598-6776 or (334) 477-7185 (cell), or email us at:  jscrittersitter@aol.com

​​Quality In-Home Pet sitting service


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We've taken care of many different pets:  the usual cats and dogs, of course, but also mice, gerbils, hedgehogs (an albino one), a sphinx, horses, goats, snakes (only non-venomous, in terrarium), reptile tanks: iguanas, other reptiles, fish tanks, chickens, baby chicks, a pony, ferrets, birds of all kinds, a pet squirrel, and various other animals.


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